"Be Creative"...

I was watching a Twin Flame reading on Youtube that was saying how we should be getting creative ~ The buffering started at that point & despite several attempts to reload the page, it would not let me watch the last 20 minutes of the video.

Well what else can one do but follow the advice..?

"Be creative" they say, at the start of the day "be creative they say & write"

"Be creative" they say, at the end of the day "be creative all through the night".

So creative, is what I am trying to be, with no paper or pen to hand

What blessing is this? at a tap of a key the words appear at my command

"You're creative" they say, at the start of the day. "You're creative" they say "as you write. You're creative" they say at the end of the day, "as you tap way through the night".

So creative I am and I am what I am, I am what I am, I am

Such a blessing is this to put it all down and to transform dark into light


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