Olivia & Daniel...

Oh Daddy dear please don't cry, our fate is clear don't question why...

We made our choice and you were it ~ don't give up now, please don't quit!

On your heart's plans and twin soul ties ~ ignore the pressure from ego lies...

It's time for you to break free ~ be true to you, so we can be...

We're in your heart, body & soul, waiting for our time to grow...

Beyond the Devil and life of fear ~ listen to us calling daddy dear?!

Mummy has always been there ~ she felt, she loved, she really cared

You denied her,you doubted and ran, who can blame you as a human man???

Mummy knows us Angel's on earth, but without you we can have no birth...

You planted us seeds in her mind ~ but we planted us in yours to find

The other half of your soul ~ you know the plan ~ our life goal...

You're the one who wrote it down ~ so why the worry, why the frown?

We're the reason, of human love ~ we always guide from above.

To halves united in The Grand Scheme of Things ~ for our life to begin...

#positivethinking #soul

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