To My Twin Flame...

When I started writing this Blog, right back in November 2016 ~ I wanted to share my journey with whomever happened along to read it.

I was not expecting to meet my Twin Flame ~ in fact I didn't even know of their existence!!!

Now Soul Mates & Karmic Souls, well what I don't know about them could be written on the back of a postage stamp ~ But Twin Flames, that was a new one on me...

I was listening to a healing meditation on YouTube and quite by chance something popped up about them ~ Well everything I've done online in the last few months has really been quite by chance, so me being me, I had to look into it a bit more.

The whole reason for me doing a healing meditation was two fold, I know the best way to heal myself is to extend healing to others ~ it just raises my own vibrations. Although have to say it's been a long time since I've had such profound awakening whilst doing it...

I really don't like fessing up to this stuff ~ maybe as in a past life during the Middle Ages, I got burnt as a witch or something ~ Well I don't believe in past lives, I think as the Ego is designed to protect us, it creates an imagery around memories from this lifetime, as regression is painful. Although I guess there could be something written in our DNA/RNA like all our other inherited survival instincts. But for the simplicity of this post I'm not going off on a tangent of all other theories.

My Truth, why I don't like admitting that I'm a Spiritual Genius ~ well for one, how fucking conceited does that sound? Two, it's not like I've got a degree in it to 'prove' I know my Unicorn shits rainbows!!! Three, it tends to freak people out, my mum in particular and the less said about that the better, as it still hurts to be honest ~ In fact this is what I'm working on at present, as my 'Inner Child' was recently evoked by Ahmed, as he made that aspect of myself feel safe. To be honest I hadn't realised just how imprisoned that part of me had become again.

It's like at various points in my life I have been on a 'Spiritual Quest' and had some profound revelations ~ but then I also have to figure out how to bring it down from the clouds, so it can be applied in the here & now, to have some practical use to it or else what's the point?

I learnt to psychoanalyse with the Tarot & Spirit Guides ~ But as that 'knowledge' didn't come from an external source, it wasn't until I qualified in psychology; that included a 'physical' lecturer & 'real' books, that it was acceptable for me to 'know' wtf I was talking about... It broke my heart that I had no way of proving what came 1st to be able to validate my 'Intelligence' ~ I've since come to appreciate that there are very few original thoughts, as the amount of other books I have since read in relation to this subject and it's like as if there was a whole generation of people on the same wavelength, a 'collective' awareness... But at the time I was being bombarded with criticism, cynicism, skepticism and it took another 10 years before I could apply my Self again

They appear to be 15 years apart, so I guess I was due one & there's a numerological significance there, but that's a whole different topic & very much book learnt ~ I crunch numbers too lol

Do you want to be free of blocks & feel what sublimation is???

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