Where to start on this fantastic story of fantasy and make believe?

Meeting someone online caused no end of concern for those nearest and dearest to me.

All the usual questions ensued and queries of "How do you know if he is even 'real' and who he says he is?"

Well I guess in answer to that; I don't ~ the only thing I knew was real is how I felt and still feel in spite of everything that has happened.

What has happened???

Your guess is as good as mine!!!

I have had such a Tale of Woe that is unbelievable to many, that when presented with yet another ' this for real?' scenario I can quite believe it.

I am such a trusting soul and I am very proud of the fact that I still believe in 'Happily Ever Afters' as I've got more reason than most to have become, bitter, cynical and twisted in my perception on relationships. No need for a back story here as I think enough has been said in previous posts.

But I took a conscious decision as a teenager that no matter what life threw at me, I wanted to remain open minded, trusting and keep in touch with my 'Inner Child' to still see the beauty in the rainbows.

I battle daily with the demons in my head that want to drag me down to their level of thinking ~ To hate men and never trust one again in my life. To never let another man in close enough to hurt me again. To never love or be loved as it's all a crock of shit!!!

However my Spirit Guides are helping to heal that broken heart and remind me daily of the Eternal source of Divine Love that is available for everyone to tap in to.

In a previous post I mentioned how I learnt about so many different topics due to the variety of people I have met online ~ One in particular captured my heart, body & soul in such a profound way that re-awakened my Inner Child

Only I am not a child anymore & in his absence, I have continued with rediscovering my soul purpose in life. Maybe that was the point of our meeting and we got carried away with the everyday stuff and dreams, that were never meant to be as they were not in The Grand Scheme of Things...

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