To Thine Own Self Be True...

I am a very spiritual person, but not in a raving hippy sense I believe that God designed a path for us all to follow, to thine own self be true, that is innate in all of us ~ If we are fortunate enough to attune with that energy great but it's a different path for all of us ~ I believe that the MS for me is because I've never been allowed to follow my 'nature' and was expected to conform to a world that I really couldn't relate to. So all of that 'spiritual' energy has turned in on itself and sent my nervous system and immune system into overdrive.

I have never been motivated by money, much to everyone's annoyance as I've put a lot of hours into charitable work ~ so if the 'trending' theory of giving before getting is true I should be alright financially in the future lol ~ I also know we have to be careful what we wish for; after all my ex husband wanted to be mortgage free by 50 (but he hadn't envisioned it being due to bankruptcy and losing everything) he didn't like me pointing out he had his wish and was indeed going to be mortgage free at 50!

It worries me when I read all the hype about imagining the future you want to create ~ having aspirations is good don't get me wrong, but if there are unresolved issues lurking in our psyche, they tend to come round and bite us on the arse. Sorry I'm getting a bit deep now, it's coz I'm in pain and I tend to get philosophical as another of my coping mechanism.

Actually I can be a raving hippy too if the mood takes me ~ that's the point, it use to do my trolley in at school when people would type together. WHY? why would anyone want to narrow their life experiences to only being what 'type' of clothes they liked or music they listened to or places they hung out... So what if I turned up to a Mod meeting, wearing my punk hair and listening to heaving metal??? No I didn't they wouldn't accept me into the club coz I didn't have a vespa or lambretta lol you get my point though? I hated all the stereotyping that made us all different unless you happened to be 'in' the club...

We're alive surely that puts us all in the same club and we all have a responsibility to leave the world a better place for our having been a part of it.


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