How Dare They...!!!

Well initially when I came across this review of my site I was outraged to say the least...

But then I thought getting angry is not achieving anything so lets use this 'bad' publicity to my advantage; I've now shared the content with over 3000 people personally & who knows how far that reach will be...

So Thanks Scam Advisers for giving me the 'Perfect' post content for ALL my social networking sites and International Friends ~ May the reaction lead to action on these bogus review sites that chat shit...!!! Plus bring new friends/followers/traffic/audience/ call it what you like, to my window of opportunity ~ where I can share my opinion on a lot of things...!!!

Anyone who checks out my website can also click on all my links to validate that I am a 'real' person for one & for two; I have only ever promoted or discussed my own personal experiences of products/services/people I've encountered via social networking & real life.

I nearly lost £200 trusting a review site like this ~ fortunately the bank were able to refund my money as a 'product not as advertised' or words to that effect and I reported the company to Action on Fraud

I do not like getting angry ~ it's not good for my health but I had to share this experience with you guys, as we are all out there and will attract adverse attention. Learn to use it to your advantage and report any dubious sites to if you're in the UK sorry I don't know the international ones...

Caveat emptor is my last word on it...

#scams #positivethinking #badpress

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