Here goes...

Just because in the wee small of the land of the nocturnal, I decide to do some more exploring ~ I came across the bit in Wix where you can put yourself out there & get feedback on your site/pages 

Well my magazine to be precise only it's not my writing. I've signed up in filter8 I think it's called and shared some amazing artlcles that I've enjoyed reading.

Does this make me a publisher or editor? I hardly think so, it makes me an avid reader & networker. 

It makes me someone who still wonders at the world in awe, with a child-like fascination in new experiences. I am sharing my journey of self discovery as I recover from a broken heart & body.

Fortunately my mind & spirit are still in tack ~ gratitude for that!

Now when I find where the feedback is I'll get back to you.

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