#Day 2 Breakthrough Journal

Well I guess the "Universe" is telling me to concentrate on the Affiliate Marketing for now as everytime I try to watch the videos they freeze hmmmm

Question: Who do I turn to in moments of distress ?

Answer: My mum & dad and although I've not been able to watch the training video via the app I had watched it online & am aware of how Jenny's behaviour made her husband feel devalued ~ I guess the same could be said in my relationship & I can see that now...

I can see how I turned away from the 'Man' in my life to the 'security' of my parents who I knew how to talk to...

I blamed Mr M for his lack of communication skills ~ but in all honesty I just didn't know 'how to' talk about my 'feelings'. I could show that I was pissed off, I could rant & rave ~ I could write it down in symbolic, cryptic, metophoric ways & poetry but to reveal my 'Inner Self' in 'plain language' not a chance...!!!

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