Day #1 Breakthrough Journal

Lasting Passion

As my site is about 'My Journey" to who/where I'm going to be ~ I thought I'd share on my blog this very intimate part of the whole process.

As you all know from previous posts I've fallen in love with Tony Robbins in a very "Spiritual" sense & through 'stalking' him over the last few weeks on the net I came across the Breakthrough University App & here is where I'm at, sharing my notes & ramblings as I listen & watch the lessons (Will I be brave enough to share my answers ~ hmmmm time will tell)

1) Audio Programme

2) Action Book ~ (seriously having issues finding this site am looking into it though & will share the link asap)

3) DVD Films

4) Lovers For Life Community ~ profile (again cannot find this site)

Question One: What is your vision/outcome for your Ultimate Relationship

Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Sexually say/feel/want/have/fun/play fights?

What 'must' you have / 'must not' have?

Question Two: Where are you now?

Question Three: Where is your partner?

1) Magnificent ~ deep love / unbelievable passion (playful, spontaneous,sensuality,honesty,trust)

2) Good Relationship ~ deep love / little passion (routine, friends,family)

3) Neither One ~ convenient / comfortable (no passion, no togetherness, nowhere land, no deep/passionate love)

4) One foot out the door ~ empty dead place (not in love & different values/beliefs, no respect, no communication, too many hurt feelings/disappointments)

5) Made your escape/been rejected/not in a relationship ~ need to learn from the experience & not form damaging beliefs. (honour that past, don't kill the future)

6) Not in a relationship ~ Don't want one/ deep fear (comfy in your self/space)

Question Four: What needs to change?

Be honest with where you are...

Who do I have to be/ who am I now?

Breakthrough the walls that isolate you...

Spiritual Growth & Courage...

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