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Well for those of you who know me, you'll be familiar with the fact that I rarely am only doing one thing at a time... Indeed when I was studying to be a holistic therapist the two year course was a daunting prospect & therefore I did lots of short courses related to holistic therapies & training, in the meantime. The fact that I passed these short courses, helped to keep me on track for the ultimate qualification.

For those of you who don't know me it will soon become apparent that my brain functions best when being bombarded from all directions ~ I think this is due to being a mum to four children & never having the luxury until now of 'real' time out, I've meditated for years to find a quiet space in my own mind but it's not been until the children have all become more independent that I actually have 'me time'...

So here I am on the one hand doing the Breakthrough University course for personal growth, then on the other hand I'm doing the SFM for professional growth & obviously within reason I will be sharing the experience with you

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