There Is Hope Yet...

Ha ha ha...

In case you've missed earlier blogs I'm going to reiterate here that I know absolutely nothing about computers, or the internet, or anything else remotely technical..! But that is what's so great about this industry now, as all you need to know is 'how' to ask the question in a search engine...

Now I daresay not all answers are correct & we have to use a bit of common sense, but on the whole I've found it to be fairly 'idiot' proof...! Which it has to be for complete novices like me. Please refer to my post about 'Doogle' for more information as to 'why' I'm doing this.

In my search for learning how to do something on the computer I came across these guys & found their simple no nonsense style, easy to understand & follow ~ so as one good turn deserves another I'm sharing a link to their website & hopefully they may be helpful to someone else too...

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