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December 27, 2016

 After our Firework event it became apparent that we (The PTFA  Committee) needed a different approach to involve & include our members...


The meetings were sociable affairs but not as productive as they should be & people left not really understanding what was expected of them. Maybe I should not have assumed that people would bring a notebook & a pen to write down the relevant details hmmm...


At one of the meetings the parents suggested putting 'sign-up' lists in the classroom windows for parents to volunteer to help run a stall in 30 minute slots at the Firework Event ~ Two parents volunteered...


Listening to feedback from the parents both directly & indirectly via another group, whilst also being anxious to start planning the Christmas Activities ~ I decided to 'create' an action group on Facebook too, as the 'Friends Page' couldn't facilitate the kind of action/discussion that was needed in organising & planning these events/activities.


There appeared to be a lot of confusing & conflicting information flying around so I thought it best to centralise all that info in one place ~ making the other committee members admin for the group too ~ parents were than able to join the group if they actually wanted to be an active member in the association, thus allowing a free flow platform to plan/discuss/question/ update/organise & generally have a laugh... .


From what I've seen it's been well received & incredibly helpful to me, as on a purely selfish note, it's meant that I have still been a part of the process whilst physically limited in my own 'role' this term ~ I've inadvertently created a new position so as well as being the association's Chair/Trustee, I am now also Social-Media Officer (she says tongue in cheek...)   





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