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Well sometimes it has to be said that you probably should make a note of the research that you're doing...

The initial problem I had was accidentally uploading all my 'private' data from my phone to the school laptop... Not good...!

So the job I'd been putting off, like forever, now became even more of a nightmare... I'm not very good at organising as I go along, so the laptop kind of reflected the chaotic way in which I store things physically ~ hmmm 'safe' places that I then forget about...

So I had to stop procrastinating & sort the laptop out ~ basically so if any other committee member wanted to use it they could...

Right so where do I now put all my 'private data' ~ oh cloud storage isn't that the way of the future...?

So I thought I'd look at the 'Microsoft Cloud' storage & off I went on my technical mission. But as so often happens I go off on a tangent discovering their 'charitable' options;

"Software Donations

Since 2006 we have worked with the Technology Trust to provide software donations to eligible UK charities through their tt-exchange service. By the end of 2013, more than 12,000 charities had benefitted, and we had donated software with a fair market value in excess of £100m.Not all charities are eligible, but many are. There are some limitations on the total amount of software any organisation can receive within a two year period, and some administration charges are made by our partner which support the running of the program. Microsoft is one of a number of companies to donate technology through this scheme."

So obviously I think this sounds like a solution to the other problem I have in managing a charity ~ Currently I am the only trustees who can easily access all the admin information, not because I'm a control freak, but because of how it's all compiled & where it's currently stored.

Firstly in 2006 when the association was set up, the school itself had limited IT support ~ we generally produced letters & newsletters on our home computers & sent them via email to the school for printing & distributing to the parents. We then had a school email account, so at least our 'prize' requests looked legitimate. In 2011 I became a MDSA meaning I was eligible to have a staff account on the school system. However as only half of our committee are staff that only solved half the problem.

So I'm now in the process of signing us up to various charity support from all the big fish out there as us little fish need all the help we can get...!


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