I'd not heard the term "Mompreneurs" before today & just clickity clicking on links lead me to an article ~ I can really relate to the juggling act involved in being a Mum & running your own business...

I've always been a 'mother' first, in fact my whole life was focussed on being a mum right from choosing my options at 14 ~ I wanted a career that fitted in with the greatest 'job' in the world...

I am recovering from my latest relapse with MS which has forced me to take a more creative route, as at this moment in time I really don't know if I'll ever be able to practice as a Holistic Therapist again (brushing my hair is an achievement in itself) ~ I'm blessed that it's given me the opportunity to research the internet & discover like minded women, who rise to the challenges we now face, in a world where being a mum is somehow not as important as it should be...


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