Tweet Tweet....

10 Tips for Twitter Success

I am really impressed that having set up a 2nd Twitter account (as my other one was so old & unused I couldn't remember anything about it) I had a sudden flash of inspiration as to search my old emails, as I've only ever deleted spam or promotional junk I had a fair few to wade through ~ but voila

So you see sometimes it pays to have 1000's of emails still there...feeling left out & forgotten You never know when you're going to need to search through all the archives to retrieve that all important account...

I wouldn't normally have bothered ~ no offence Twitter but I found confining what I had to say to just 140 characters was impossible...!!! How things have moved on in the world of social media. Not that I've learnt to condense what I have to say ~ I've just learnt to link all my accounts together & do links from one place to another... so what starts as a simple tweet ends in an essay length report of how I got from A-B

But I've not done this just for fun ~ The school I work for have joined the age of technology & have decided that Facebook & Twitter are the way to go with communication.

Now The Friends of Talbot Primary or (Combined as it was originally) has been using Facebook for years, in fact since 2008 when I set up the page. However in the New Year we are hoping to merge the page with the school Facebook in keeping with the changes in the law to 'Safeguarding Children'

Will I get bitten by the Twitter Bug...???

Watch this space & in the meanwhile if this is all 'new' to you the following link may be useful

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