Tony Robbins

Well I'm seriously in love with this man or at least with his philosophies...

I can honestly say that until August this year I was not consciously aware of Anthony Robbins, in fact when I shared one of his posts with Mr M he thought I was being sarcastic (with reference to Shallow Hal) I hadn't realised it was the same person & there was no malice intended.

Rewind A Few Weeks... My sister-in-law & good friend Kirsten was talking about a book she had recently bought; Awaken The Giant Within & in discussing it with me; as she knows how 'into' self help I am it intrigued me.

Bless her, as before she had really had a chance to read her book she had leant in to me. At the time, with nothing else to do but to rest & recover, I was reading several books a week so thought I would read it & return it before she'd have an opportunity to.

That was in October 2016 & I got sidetracked by the The Friends of Talbot Primary School's Firework Night I've since been diverted by lots of other 'fun'draising activities that I'll insert links to when I've finished writing up about them.

However I have tried to keep in touch with my personal goals too & I really want to be one of Tony Robbins Life Coaches ~ I'm thrilled that he will be in the country in April & really hope the funds will be there to buy a ticket to go...

I want this for me, my children & my future...

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