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And so back to the original post SCAMS...

Admittedly I was beyond desperate; but even so, I really thought I had checked this website out and 'thought' it was legitimate.

It's not that Binary Trading is a con ~ but how it's marketed leaves out one huge fact it's gambling, plus it's also rigged. A lot of these sites promise £1000's in minutes or $ to be more precise as they are mainly American Looking (but based somewhere in the outskirts of god knows where, next to who the f*** knows PO BOX who the f*** cares)

I was desperate ~ I was stupid and I want to share with you this story...

Initially I clicked on 'The Brit Method' on Facebook ~ it's British, got the Union Jack has to be legit right? wrong ~ now I'm really not making accusations against the 'Brit Method', just making an observation as to how easily it is to be pulled into something fraudulent...

Sorry got side tracked by Facebook & Messenger

As I say my initial 'searches' appeared to produce favourable replies ~ £1,000,000's a day is being made on the 'Stock Exchange' so a '£200 'investment' in Binary Shares seemed like a fair 'bet' and that's the point....

If someone had asked me to 'bet' £200 ~ I'd have said "On yer bike do I look like a mug?" ~ But being talked into a £200 'investment', without being told

1) How high risk it is

2) How open to abuse it is

3) How in effect it's gambling

Sounded like a reasonable amount and as I've said 1,000,000's are made on the 'Stock Exchange' everyday

However the reality is;

1) High Risk ~ you're more likely to hit the jackpot on the slot machines

2) Open to abuse ~ genuine sites are 'cloned '​

3) Gambling ~ Binary Options/Trading

Like I said initial searches proved favourable, until my daughter explained the 'hoax' sites that were all part of the elaborate scam. So on further investigation I went through the FCA , Trading Standards & Gov.Uk, Companies House any of the 'regulated' bodies that could verify the credentials of the company I 'invested' £200 with...

Now here is where the real issue comes in;

  • The e-mails I've received appear to be from a genuine person who is horrified that their company has been subject to 'cloning' and are launching their own investigation.

  • The email support address keeps changing

  • The 'live' chat could be anyone and not from the 'genuine' company

  • There is no way of validating any phone call as being 'genuine' ~ fair bet if you're being asked for more money or personal information then it's a con.

  • As I 'freely' gave my card details I cannot claim it as fraud with the bank

On The Plus Side ~

  • have been brilliant and I filed a complaint that is being investigated

  • The bank said they could look at getting a full refund under the 'not sold as seen' or words to that effect.

But I had to;

  • E-mail and ask for a full refund

  • Wait 15 days before the bank could act

Watch This Space ~ The 15 days are nearly up so we'll see just how effective the bank and fraud squad can be...

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