God Created Woman...

Whenever the life I had planned for myself has gone astray, I've turned to the Ultimate Creative Being; God & questioned what the purpose of my being is in 'The Grand Scheme of Things?'

In the space of 7 days I've discovered things about myself & the amazing world of technology that we now live in. This is not new technology to the millions of people using it daily, but to me it's like the first time I saw lemons growing in a grove.

Obviously I knew where lemons grew, but I'd only ever seen them in a net bag in a supermarket, so I was filled with awe at the beauty of the lemon trees & the smell, when I saw them in situ. I've known about the internet for years, have had a Facebook profile, even googled the odd question here & there. I've emailed & skyped and generally been 'satisfied' with the level of my ability as it served what I needed to do.

But then I discovered I knew very little about what I needed to know, in order to do what I needed to do...

Here is my story of how I am going from knowing 'nothing' to sharing what I learn along the way ~ I am a qualified holistic therapist & am very 'spiritual', but I'm not an authority on anything other than 'myself' & 'my experiences'

I hope you will appreciate the openness & honesty with which I write & accept that this is my journey through discovery & recovery..."The point is to create a role for yourself, something that can unleash a child-like enthusiasm that will excite you enough to do what you want to do, and carry you through life’s challenges, a role that helps you stay on target to reach your real goals." (I Think that was Tony Robbins???)


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