April 18, 2017

... f*** it just lost all of my last post!!!

'Scuse my language folks! It's just annoying when you spend half an hour typing to then hit the wrong button and lose it!!! 

  • hmmm note to self "don't drink  and blog" 

  • Press 'Save As Draft' as I go...


April 16, 2017

 Where to start on this fantastic story of fantasy and make believe?

Meeting someone online caused no end of concern for those nearest and dearest to me. 

All the usual questions ensued and queries of "How do you know if he is even 'real' and who he says he is?" 


April 16, 2017


Somedays I wake up and wonder wtf am I really doing? 

I mean, this time last year I was busy organising Easter Activities in the school and looking forward to the Bonnet Parade & Easter Egg Hunt.

This year...

Well I am still...